SIGN A PETITION FOR IMPEACHMENT: Top 10 WORST things that Donald Trump has done as the president of US


In his second year in office, President Trump did many positive things But he also did a lot of bad things that ranged from cringeworthy to catastrophic. Here are the 10 worst:

  • His comment about “sh--hole” countries blew up negotiations for a deal that would have given Trump his border wall. Nearly a year ago, the president made a bold offer to Democrats — putting not just legal status but also a path to citizenship for nearly 1.8 million young illegal immigrants on the table. Then his abhorrent comment undermined Democrats who were serious about cutting a deal and gave those who were not a pretext to walk away."

  • His misuse of power turned critics into martyrs. Revoking former CIA director John Brennan’s security clearance and CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s White House press pass turned partisan critics who were embarrassing themselves into victims — and gave them an even greater platform from which to attack him. ALSO READ: DOWNLOAD Rambo Last Blood Full HD Movie Leaked By TheLeakers

  • The “public charge” rule. This recently finalized rule requires immigration officials to reject applications from immigrants to enter or stay in the U.S. if they have received — or are judged likely to require — any of several public benefits that are tied to need. These include public health services such as Medicaid. The predictable consequence is to discourage immigrant households from accessing such programs even when they’re legally entitled.

  • As we reported in August 2018, when rumours of the impending rule began circulating, healthcare providers with immigrant clienteles already were seeing a reduction in patients. The director of a clinic in the Latino community of Boyle Heights in Los Angeles told me then that her monthly patient enrollments had fallen by 25% after the public-charge proposal leaked out — on top of a one-third drop after Trump’s election.

  1. Poisoning soft power and goodwill created over decades for personal vanity.
  2. Destroying records, in violation of the law, in an attempt to make the truth of events unrecoverable.
  3. Putting intelligence operatives at risk of being exposed while simultaneously refusing their work products, in favour of enemy reports.
  4. Making lies the new normal, denying facts, attacking truth and making threadbare ad hominem attacks the main tool of the state.
  5. Authoring a climate inviting division, violence, anti-minority acts, toxic sexism and hatred.
  6. Founding an administration in stark opposition to our long-held values like rule of law, free press, checks and balances, accountability and the security of intelligence.
  7. Seeding the government with noxious appointees that continue to break laws and harm the nation, including veterans, school children and the environment.
  8. Having committed crimes, went on to commit multiple obstructions of justice, including misuse of Presidential powers.
  9. Participated with an enemy nation that has declared information warfare on the US.
  10. Creating a bigoted policy that resulted in the deaths of innocent children and serious harm to thousands more.

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